Solar power plants

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Solar power plants

Expertise and dedication to solar power plants

When it comes to the transformation of the energy sector towards a more sustainable future, ELCOR d.o.o. has been at the forefront of change for more than ten years.

Our expertise and dedication to solar power plants make us your reliable partner for achieving a sustainable and energy-independent future.

Partnerships with leading global manufacturers

We can proudly say that we have over a decade of experience in solar power plants, during which we have provided a complete range of services for the construction of quality solar power plants. We particularly highlight our partnership with leading global equipment manufacturers such as Trina Solar, Fronius, Huawei and SMA. This cooperation allows us to provide the best components for your solar power plant, promising outstanding efficiency and long duration.

Our activities include:

Initial concepts and production estimates
We start with basic initial concepts and estimates of solar power plant production. This is a key step towards creating sustainable and productive solar solutions tailored to your needs.

Complete project documentation
Our team of experts takes care of all aspects of project documentation, such as conceptual, main projects (electrical and construction), connection studies, studies for concessions necessary for obtaining building permits, concessions and electricity consents.

Design and construction of accompanying energy plants
in addition to the solar power plant, we also design supporting energy facilities (power sub-stations, netowkrs) that ensure stability and continuous energy delivery.

Design and construction of accompanying systems of battery systems
The design and construction of accompanying electrical energy storage systems such as battery systems are a key part of our service in the field of solar power plants. Our team of experts has experience in developing innovative solutions for excess energy storage, ensuring stability and continuity of electricity supply in all conditions.

„Turn-key“ construction
Our team of experts carries out the construction of a solar power plant from start to finish, providing you with complete safety and reliability.

Delivery of equipment from renowned manufacturers
In cooperation with leading manufacturers, we deliver top-quality equipment that guarantees the excellent performance of your solar power plant.

Electrical measuring and putting into operations
Our experts perform all the necessary electrical measurements so that you can put your power plant into operations without worry.

Maintenance of the plant
 After construction, we continue to care for your solar power plant by providing regular maintenance and necessary repairs. Your investment remains productive for many years.

Our reputation is firmly based on numerous references, with more than 15MW of successfully implemented photovoltaic power plants and satisfied clients fromwell-known and renowned companies. Start your journey towards energy independence today, with the support from ELCOR d.o.o.


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