Solar Cabinets

Production - Elcor d.o.o.
Production - Elcor d.o.o.

Individually adapted cabinets for solar power plants

Our many years of expertise in the solar power plant industry have led us to a key conclusion: AC and DC cabinets (known as string boxes) are fundamental elements of every soalr power plant. The correct choice and professional installation of these cabinets significantly improve the performance, energy efficiency and safety of your solar system.

In ELCOR d.o.o. we produce high-quality cabinets for solar power plants with various characteristics:
Solar Cabinets

AC Cabinets

With a nominal voltage of 800V and a capacity of up to 3200A, our AC cabinets are designed to meet the needs of different projects.

Solar Cabinets

DC Cabinets (String Boxes)

With a nominal voltage of 1500VDC and a capacity of up to 1800A, our DC cabinets ensure realiable and safe distribution of electricity within the solar system.

We are certified solar manufacturers

Our cabinets are adaptable to the specific requirements of your projects, fully compliant with industry standards (IEC61439-2), and they have been optimized to reduce investment and maintenance costs. We use the highest quality components that can be found on the market to ensure long-lasting and reliable functionality.

Our low-voltage cabinets have already proven themselves on numerous solar power projects throughout the region.

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