Services - Elcor d.o.o.

High-level engineering

We base our engineering on the practical knowledge and experience of our experts, wit the goal that the funds, invested in the projects, are rationally used to achieve excellent results. Our focus is on minimizing the costs and time required for project implementation, and we offer our clients comprehensive solutions according to the “turn-key” principle.



We prepare project documentation for our own needs or according to the customer’s order. We have the required know-how as well as design authority. In order to ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency in our design, we use the latest versions of software tools, including EPLAN Electric P8, AutoCad, PVSol, PVSyst and DigSilent.


Execution and Supervision

One of the core activities of our company with a large number of references is the execution of electrical assembly works.

Our long-term cooperation with clients and many successfully completed projects testify to our comitment and expertise.


Measurements and Tests

We provide a wide range of a measurement and testing services under the authorisation of the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry.

Our measuring equipment is of high quality, and our team has abundant experience in this domain.


Maintenance and Servicing

Maintenance is essential to extend the life of equipment and prevent unexpected breakdowns that usually occur at the most inappropriate moments such as at night or on weekends. We understand that such breakdowns can be expensive and stressful. That’s why we are here to provide you with reliable maintenance and service, ensuring that your equipment is always running smoothly.