Electrical engineering

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Electrical engineering

Our core business

The company ELCOR d.o.o. proudly presents its core business – electrical engineering. It includes a wide range of services up to a voltage level of 110 kV.

Our commitment to quality and achieving outstanding results is confirmed by many references testifying to the trust our valued clients have in us.

We offer solutions adapted to your specific needs

In the field of electrical engineering, ELCOR d.o.o. provides a variety of services that enable the best solutions for our clients. Our expertise and rich experience ensure solutions adapted to your specific needs.

Our key service sectors in electrical engineering include:

Production of low-voltage switching blocks up to 3200A and power distribution cabinets
 All our switch blocks have been manufactured and tested according to the latest EN61439/1/2/3/5 standard, ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability.

Production of power distribution cabinets
 Our power distribution cabinets are the result of a carefully planned process, providing high safety and reliability. We are flexible in adapting to client specifications or offering our own schemes. Quality guarantees durability and reliability for continuous operation of your systems.

Production of devices for reactive energy compensation
 We help you optimize your energy consumption and significantly reduce your electricity costs through our advanced reactive energy compensation devices.

Design and construction of high/medium/low voltage substations
 Our professional team provides integrated design and construction services for substations that meet the highest quality standards, regardless of the voltage level.

Design and construction of medium/low voltage cable and aerial networks
 We create reliable electrical networks that support your business needs, ensuring continuous energy availability.

Design and adjustment of relay protections
 We design with special care and properly adjust relay protections to ensure the ultimate safety and reliability of your power systems.

Retrofit of plants
 We modernize and upgrade your facilities to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase sustainability.

Electrical installations
 We design, carry out works and deliver materials for various types of buildings, providing complete solutions for your power needs. We offer comlete solutions for installations that include distribution cabinets, aggregates, UPS devices, sockets, lighting, anti-burglary, fire alarm computer networks, telephony.

Backup power supplies (UPS and Aggregates)
 We ensure uninterrupted operation of your systems through high-standard backup power supplies. We produce ATS cabinets with equipment from renowned manufacturers.

Delivery of equipment
 Our wide range of high-quality electrotechnical equipment is adapted to your specific needs.

Measurements, tests and studies in electrical engineering
 Our experts carry out measurements, tests and prepare reports to ensure the optimal functioning of your power systems.

Energy efficiency
 You certainly want to reduce the consumption of electricity in your industrial plant or building, without disrupting the production process or reducing comfort. Contact us with confidence, we have experience in reducing electricity consumption through the installation of power management systems (power management), frequent converters and reactive energy compensations.

ELCOR d.o.o. is dedicated to constantly improving power solutions and providing top-quality support to our clients. Your challenges are our opportunity to shape the energy future together. Feel free to contact us so that we can provide you with individually tailored services and solutions that will bring your business extraordinary success.


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