Trina Solar begins mass production of Vertex N 700W+ solar modules

Trina Solar, a leading company in the production of photovoltaic modules, is proud to announce the start of mass production of modules from the Vertex N 700W+ series. These modules reached an impressive efficiency of 22.5% already on 18 August, becoming the first mass-produced modules with the power exceeding 700W. With the announcement of mass production of 210mm n-type module, we can expect continuous growth of the output power of the modules during 2024.

What makes the modules from the Vertex N 700W+ series special is the combination of n-type and TOPCon technology. Trina Solar plans to achieve an annual cell production of as much as 75GW, whereof 40GW will be n-type cells.

These modules have gone through a series of rigorous tests and shown better results in terms of temperature coefficient and low-light performance, compared to p-type modules.

Besides, Vertex N modules have received high ratings from the end users, which has been confirmed by many installations at large solar power plants. Recently, in Saudi Arabia, the photovoltaic power plant project for seawater desalination in Jubail has been put into operation, and Vertex N 700W+ series modules are used for that project. Also, a 500 MW photovoltaic power plant project in Xinghai County, Qinghai Province, will also use Vertex N 700W+ series modules.

It is obvious that Trina Solar is leading the era of n-type technology with its innovative products that combine n-type and TOPCon technologies.

If you are interested in purchasing these modules, ELCOR d.o.o., a long-term partner of Trina Solar, is at your disposal for any additional information and consultation. Get in touch to check out the possibility of integrating these top-quality modules into your projects.