Siemens AG

Partners - Elcor d.o.o.
Partners - Elcor d.o.o.

Siemens AG

Our company ELCOR is proud to cooperate with the world leader in electrical engineering, Siemens AG, for more than 10 years. This long-term cooperation is not only the basis of our business strategy, but also a key component of our success.

The importance of cooperation with Siemens cannot be overemphasised. Siemens AG is synonymous with innovation, excellence and high quality in electrical engineering and automation. Their technology and products set the standard in the industry, and we are privileged to be part of their network of partner companies. Thjis gives us access to the most advanced equipment and solutions, and provides our clients with high-quality solutions that meet or exceed their needs.

Our experts regularly participate in Siemens training and certification programmes to ensure that we are always oone step ahead in the application of the latest technologies. In addition, we have the direct support of Siemens engineers and technical teams, enabling us to quickly and efficiently implement solutions.

Together with Siemens, we can offer you innovative solutions in the fields of drive technology, industrial automation and energy:

Drive technology:
 – SINAMICS frequency converters
 – SIMOTICS motors
 – SIMOGEAR reducers
 – DC-DC converters

Industrial automation:
– LOGO control devices
– SIMATIC control systems and touch panels for management and monitoring
– SCALANCE communication systems
– SIRIUS products for control and monitoring (switches, contactors, relays, signal equipment)
– SITOP unit voltages
– SITRANS equipment for instrumentation and measurement of pressure, temperature, flow, weight

– SENTRON air and compact switches
– Automatic switches
– FID switches
– Fuses
– Disconnect switches and rails
– Measuring terminals
– Switches for automatic transfer
– SIVACON Bus systems
– SICHARGE AC and DC vehicle charging stations
– SIPROTEC protective relays, MV switching blocks
– SICAM equipment for automation, IoT for energy, micro networks

Elcor d.o.o.

Quality and excellence

Our long-term cooperation with Siemens allows us to provide solutions tailored to your needs, with true expertise and experience in working with their top products. Also, we would like to emphasise that we have a significant inventory of Siemens equipment, which allows us to quickly delivery and incorporate into your projects whenever needed. Cooperation with Siemens is not only a business arrangement, but also a partnership that brings innovation, quality and excellence to every project we undertake.