Low-voltage Cabinets

Production - Elcor d.o.o.
Production - Elcor d.o.o.

ELCOR production of low-voltage cabinets

With yeasr of experience in the production of low-voltaic cabinets, ELCOR d.o.o. is a reliable partner supplying renowned customers who lead their industries. Our cooperation with recognised equipment suppliers, such as Siemens and Schneider Electric, guarantees the high quality and reliability of our cabinets.

Our cabinets are manufactured and tested in accordance with strict standards, especially with EN 61439-1/2/3/5, the new standard for low-voltage power equipment. Each of our cabinets bears the CE mark as confirmation of compliance with the relevant regulations.

In our product portfolio of low-voltage cabinets, we offer a variety of products:
Low-voltage Cabinets

Low-voltage circuit blocks up to 3200A

We produce switching blocks for a voltage of 0.4 kV with a rated current of up to 3200 A. Our cabinets use cases and equipment of reputable suppliers. We install SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER switches. All cabinets come with type and routine test certificates. We have the possibility to design cabinets (EPLAN, AUTOCAD) or make them according to specific customer requirements. Our cabinets are sent to customers within the European Union and are used in our own projects, as well as projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Low-voltage Cabinets

LV power distribution cabinets up to 6300A (Schneider Electric license)

We manufacture power distribution cabinets under the Schneider Electric PrismaSet6300 license. PrismaSeT 6300 is the latest generation of functional low-voltage type-tested power distribution cabinets up to 6300 A. Distribution cabinets made with PrismaSeT 6300 have been type tested and comply with IEC 61439-1&2 standards, a complete Schneider Electric power distribution system, which provides top-quality electrical, mechanical and digital solution.

Low-voltage Cabinets

Various LV power distribution cabinets

Our offer includes distribution cabinets for various purposes, including main distribution cabinets, measuring and connection cabinets and other types of cabinets adapted to the needs of investors, as well as the requirements of the Distribution System Operator.

Low-voltage Cabinets

Cabinets for reactive energy compensation

ELCOR d.o.o. also manufactures reactive energy compensation cabinets, which will help you reduce your energy costs within 6-18 months.

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Our low-voltage cabinets are used in various sectors, including power plants, electricity distribution, industrial and infrastructure facilities, public, residential and special purpose facilities.

ELCOR d.o.o. is your reliable partner for quality and reliable low-voltage cabinets.

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