Wind power plants

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Wind power plants

ELCOR d.o.o. is increasingly present in wind farm development projects

In addition to activities at solar power plants, ELCOR d.o.o. is increasingly present on wind power plant development projects that are in synergy with our core competencies and references. We have participated in the preparation of project documentations of important projects, providing a flexible approach that is necessary for the development of such complex energy projects.

Our activities include:

Complete project documentation
 Our team of experts takes care of all asepcts of project documentation, including conceptual and master projects, connection studies and studies for concessions. Our flexibility is crucial for the successful development of energy projects. We cooperate with renowned experts to provide a complete service.

Design and construction of accompanying energy plants
 In addition to farms, we also design the accompanying energy plants such as substations and grids to ensure stability and continuous energy delivery.

Electrical installation
 Our experts support the construction of your power plant through the construction of internal cable networks, energy distribution, DC and AC distribution.

Delivery of equipment and materials from renowned manufacturers
 In cooperation with leading manufacturers, we deliver top-quality equipment and materials that guarantee the excellent perforamcne of your wind farm.

Electrical measurements
 Our experts carry out all the necessary electrical measurements required to obtain permits for the operation of your wind farm.

Plants maintenance
 After the construction, we continue to care for your wind farm by providing regular maintenance and necessary repairs. We offer specialist tests such as protection testing and grounding resistance measurement.

The experience of our satisfied clients best testify to the quality of our work. Start the development of your project, with the support from ELCOR d.o.o.


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