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Automation in residential and business buildings and hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, museums, etc., has evolved from efforts to save energy in them. (About 45% of the total energy produced is consumed in buildings.)
             Several examples testify to the benefits of automated building in comparison to the classical: By opening the window heating is automatically switched off. If amount of natural light entering through windows increases, artificial lighting in the building will be reduced or off. Sunlit windows are automatically overshadowed with louvres or awning, which reduces indoor heating from outside and frees air conditioning system.
Night Heating mode is defined separately from the day mode so in the premises that are not used at night the temperature lowers. The motion sensor will contact the computer that the room is empty and it will eventually turn off the lights in it and reduce heating. Condition of the building can be checked or changed remotely via web or WAP interface. Some devices in the building can be turned on or off by sending an SMS or e-mail messages, etc. With the vital functions in automated building controls one or more networked process computers , under the supervision and guidance from the Center for building control (Building Control Centre).
Functions are appropriately compiled in the sub-systems:
• heating, cooling and ventilation
• Lighting and shading
• Intrusion Protection
• Fire safety
• Video Surveillance
• Registration of working time and access control
• Tours monitoring and visitor records
• multimedia devices and home appliances.
• Cable television and collective antenna systems
Apart from large automation systems for multi-story residential and office buildings, there are several smaller systems adjusted to the requirements of family houses and single flats.

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