Industrial robots

Increase your competitiveness and profitability with the robot systems

ELCOR d.o.o. develops the technologically advanced robot applications which may function as entirely independent solutions or may be integrated into the existing production processes. We offer a wide range of industrial robots of the famous producer FANUC and develop the best solution for you in cooperation with them. With the help of the special-purpose software RoboGuide we select the most suitable robot for your application and create 3D model robot applications. Simulation helps to cut the execution time in your factory, whereas the robot automation is beneficial from various aspects – it improves the quality, reduces repeatability and removes human errors. In short, robot automation significantly increases the profitability of your operations.

Robot automation covers the following:

machine tending
pick and place

Our programmers work in cooperation with you in order to tailor the robot application to your needs. The implementation process is divided into the following steps:

1. Previous analysis
Introducing the process at the site – Assessing the return-on-investment time – Creating the price list and the offer

2. Model developing and testing 
Developing the model in the 3D special-purpose software RoboGuide – Interactive development of the application in cooperation with the customer – Testing the 3D model

3. Assembly and commissioning



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