Violeta is known as a company that takes care of the environment and applies the rules of sustainable development. They have started the process of building their own photovoltaic solar power plant at their factory in Dubrava, municipality of Grude. The electricity produced will be used for the factory’s own consumption. Elcor d.o.o. Grude has...
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As a sub-contractor, we have completed a contingent of control cabinets that our customer from the EU will install at a stainless steel manufacturer in third countries.
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One of the core activities of our company with a large number of references is the execution of electrical assembly works. We carry out field work and supervision of work on: – Electric power plants – Photovoltaic and small hydropower plants – Electrical installations of industrial facilities and buildings – Automation of industrial processes and...
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ELCOR d.o.o.

Elcor d.o.o. Elektrotehnički inženjering (Electrical engineering) has been founded with the intention to provide services and sell equipment to the industrial sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the fields of automation, power engineering and industrial electrical engineering.