Cable harness

Cable harness is an assembly of electrical or/and mechanical wires or cables which transmit electrical power or electronic signals, commonly used in many industries, such as automobile industry, construction machinery, electrical industry etc.

Components of cable harness are cable lugs, connectors, socket outlets, labels, tapes, heat tube collectors, junctions and other items the harness needs in order to achieve the required function.

Notwithstanding the highly developed computer technology and the available modern tools, the cable harnesses are in principle created manually.

Therefore, their quality depends directly on the professional skills of the fitter, who must pay attention to details when assembling the components and aligning the wires or cables integrated in the harness, what significantly slows down the process of harness creation.

We are providing services of cutting to length, crimping, assembling and testing with a wide range of wire/cable types. All-in-one solutions we offer are more cost-effective than running your own Production Unit.

We accept small series and guarantee delivery within the agreed term.

Technical information:
– max. cable outer diameter: 12.5 mm2
– max. standard cable cross section: 20 mm2
– max. programmable layers: unlimited
– max. wire/cable length: 1.000.000 mm
– min. wire length: 25 mm
– stripping length: 0-1 – 1.000.000 mm
– single conductor wire
– multi-conductor cable, jacket and inner conductor processing
– marking



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